With root technology from NASA, ECOsmarte gives you safe and sustainable water for many applications.

Irrigation & Agriculture

Whether you're a consumer gardener or a commercial grower/rancher, ECOsmarte’s irrigation product line and sixteen year field experience will achieve better results with less water used. Soil moisture levels rise with the oxygenated and ionized water. In some cases ECOsmarte can overcome both high salinity in the water and the soil.

Cooling Water

ECOsmarte has eleven year site histories on prevention of: Legionella, fusarium and nematode in cooling tower stacks and chiller bundles.


ECOsmarte’s natural oxygen and ionic copper system has prevented the formation of biofilms and bacteria in dental operatory tubing successfully since 1997 with process methods developed in 2006.  For more information click here.


ECOsmarte offers the most efficient system in the world to raise the dissolved oxygen in water, beneficial in all aquaculture applications. For more information click here.

Process Water

Bacteria and mold spotting on circuit boards is at a minimum a seasonal risk item and a process nightmare for companies manufacturing in a high purity environment.  For more information click here.


Before governments began monitoring wastewater discharges and long before it was popular to be “green” in your process, a Swedish company named Wirsbo partnered with ECOsmarte to solve both a process wastewater problem and develop a system to reuse the process water.  For more information click here.

Yachts & RV Water

Installing an ECOsmarte system in your yacht, diesel pusher, or RV will give you premium quality water at each faucet regardless of where you “fill up” and will control the mold and bacteria in your holding tanks, plumbing lines and at the source of your water. All chemicals (chlorine, MTBE, other volatile organics) are banned from your vessel and the system operates with 250 milliamps of power for under $100 per year. Over 300 installation sites exist in North America and the filter tanks are sized for space available.

Car Wash Reclamation

The reclamation system can be installed as part of a new car wash build or added to all existing water treatment strategies.  Municipal regulation of new car wash construction requiring reclamation systems has created specific challenges in water treatment with most sites experiencing noxious odors and algae growth on the walls due to the reclamation water.  ECOsmarte oxygenation/ionization systems eliminate odor and algae build-up on the walls.