LIKE SHOWERING IN MOUNTAIN SPRING WATER Commercial Pools & Spas Whole House Filtration Glass Pack

ECOsmarte® treats all of your water, indoor, outdoor, hot and cold. Our

non-salt water softener is really a whole house water treatment system.

You Can Have “Bottled Water” Quality, throughout your house, hot and

cold, inside and out.

The ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry system replaces water softeners, iron filters, chemical feeders, taste and odor filters and other water treatment methods. The ECOsmarte system reduces or eliminates odors, tastes, coloration, staining and scaling caused by source water. It also creates premium water quality while still preserving the copper, calcium and magnesium minerals that are vital to your health. Unlike some water treatment systems, the ECOsmarte system is not limited in the amount of water it can treat and it does not restrict, limit or otherwise reduce the supply of water available.

ECOsmarte ionization and oxygenation protects your plumbing and fixtures. Ionization prevents minerals from forming hard scale by electrically charging the minerals so they cannot bind together. The Point-of-Entry system converts the calcium to calcium bicarbonate to keep it soft. The system dissolves the existing scale in your pipes, water heater, appliances and plumbing fixtures. The greatest cause of plumbing equipment and appliance failure are problems caused by scale and corrosion. With the ECOsmarte system, these problems are eliminated, reducing maintenance and prolonging the life of appliances as small as coffee makers and as large as dishwashers and water heaters.

ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry Systems can be installed by a handy homeowner or a licensed plumber. Installation normally takes 2-4 hours.

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